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Say I Do

“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is - it is what consumers tell each other it is.”
— Scott Cook

I designed the opening title card sequence and show logo for a Netflix Original series, Say I Do. The show features my original script handwriting in the introduction and throughout the show as scene headlines.

Burnish Creative, a full service production and post-production company for reality and competition TV shows, reached out for opening title card graphics for their client, Netflix. "Say I Do" is a reality show created by David Collins (the mastermind of "Queer Eye"), where couples overcome obstacles to celebrate their love with a surprise dream weddings.

After producing multiple versions of my script handwriting, they requested more script for the “Say” portion of their show logo. They were very pleased with the personalized handwritten script and I’m very happy to see my handwriting on a Netflix show! Check out the series on Netflix!

Going the extra mile

In order to demonstrate to the producers why my handwriting would be a perfect fit for the show, I created mockups using screenshots of the opening sequence video they sent. I believe that this was a winning move and great addition to my design proposal because it helped the producers envision it better and was presented well to Netflix. When the show finally aired, the title sequence ended up being just like my mockups, with the same placement and version of text written!

Series logo

In addition to creating the title card sequence introducing the show, I also drafted logo ideas for the show title. Netflix ended up choosing a hybrid of my logo design with serif text and my handwriting. The show aired on Netflix during Summer 2020. Below are the drafts of the logo designs.